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        The Perverted Level Of Motherfucking Nihilism

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Sudden changes in our release schedule in aid of hurt animals!

What we had planned was for us to be announcing the availability of people pre-ordering stuff which we have set in motion some weeks ago, however we are currently experiencing the ultimate decay of life in its all forms daily...
We aim to do that with announcing the release of a 3way Split with Moeror and Kvadrat.

Our goal is to collect money that will be used to cover some of the basic needs of the animals that were affected by the by the destructive fires that took place in Greece, including food, medical care and the financial support of the early costs of anyone that is interested in adopting one of these innocent animals.

A co-release of The Scars Of Millions Proselytism, Desolate Depths and Black Theta

Pre-orders coming soon



The Digipack and the Tape format of ''Heirlooms Eternal'' is officially Sold Out!!! 

The Vinyl Format is still available via Humanity's Plague Productions.

New Editions of ''Heirlooms Eternal'' and New Merch have already been assessed and set in Motion.

THANK YOU for your Fuckin' ACTIVE Support Motherfuckers!

Μέχρι την Αυθυπαρξία του Χάους
και μέχρι το Τέλος των Πάντων



Due to high demand these past weeks, 
we made the decision to re-print this specific t-shirt design.
So, anyone who feels like grabbing one, can do so from HERE


 After an experiential saunter in the depths of many an Abyss...

''Heirlooms Eternal'' Is Finally Out

Lay Down Your Souls


This album is a battle against reality,
a "reality" that if you dare cross it, loneliness, fear and anger will bind you...
And we did nothing more than own and make part of us these past years that came to pass and manifest them in an album... 
And since we walk towards the Abyss, we made sure to drag with us as many humans and as many things as we could...
...for those days that were short and came by in a second, 
...for those nights that were blacker and never-ending, 
...for all those roads that we alone walked on,
...for all that Alcohol that we needed to chug down in order to "forget", 
...for that loneliness that we chose and during the hard times we didn't try to blend in with the rest of the herd, 
...for all those degraded human types that we, in times, met,
...for their obscene moral codes, 
...for our victories, 
...for our defeats, 
...for the tears that we shed in solitude, 
...for our wounds, 
...for our disappointments, 
...for our mistakes, 
...for our imperfections, 
...for the despair that we felt, 
...for our isolations, 
...for the continuous losses that we kept on counting, 
...for our sacrifices, 
...for our wishes, 
...for the personal "deaths" that we experienced, 
...for the melancholy that overwhelmed us, 
...for the nostalgia that embraced us, 
...for everything that we chose and didn't choose that shaped us into what we are today, 
...for everything that became or didn't become or will never ever become any more,
...for that "Human Serpent" t-shirt that we wear out there,
...for our fucking grief...

Here is the homonymous track of the upcoming album Heirlooms Eternal...

Release Date - 30/01/2021 
(exactly 3 Years after the release of "For I, The Misanthropist") 
via The Scars Of Millions Proselytism (Greece) 
and Humanity's Plague Productions (USA)

Distort your fuckin' heads and ripping your fuckin' ears at volume of thousand Soul-screams!!


The Pre-Orders for our upcoming soul-deposition "Heirlooms Eternal" are Open!
Here is a first small taste of all the leading experiences of grief. 



''Heirlooms Eternal'' Era




"The Scars of Millions" White T-shirt is coming this October.

Pre-orders only until the 17th of October.

Release date - 26/10


Just BUY IT Here

*Special Thanks to Neschamah for the Design


The re-issue edition of ''The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism'' is officially Out via 
The Scars Of Millions Proselytism...

We started sending the orders from the previous week. Some of you have already received your packages and others will soon receive them.
At this point, we would like to Thank all these motherfuckers that truly Support us through the years and stand as one with our own

Order It Here :

The Scars Of Millions Proselytism site :

Bonus Track Here :

Lay Down Your Souls...
till The End!



28/03/2020 , Istanbul, Turkey



Here is the Artwork of the Compilation Box-Set ''All Return To Nothing'' 
with which we celebrate the 8 years of Human Serpent presence 
as the painful thorn in the sides of all of the modern-day slaves!


It must have been 10 days ago, when I read an article(I also saw a video that I will be having in mind for a long time) about the wildfires in Australia and the fact that there are mass graves for animals and that at that particular day 3500 wounded animals were euthanized.. I felt that I was to blame, that I was indirectly responsible for all this.
We are experiencing the absolute decay, not only the of this planet and of this miserable humankind, but also of Life itself(in all of its forms). It took me 3 days to be able to sleep after reading that article!

We talked with one another and we decided that, since we would be meeting in person for some days, after our rehearsals, to record and complete an EP for a particular reason only.

The track "Nature's Shroud Against Humanity" was composed during the summer so that it can be added as a bonus track in our upcoming full-length or in a split release with a band with a Grind feeling in their ''attitude''(based on the length of the track solely) and the lyrics were written sometime during September while the effects of the fires in the forest in Amazon and Siberia were so raw inside me.

We talked with 23(who is really obsessed with learning all of our tracks in the piano) and asked him if he had any tracks ready in piano version so that it can be added in the EP, and if he was willing in helping us see it through(besides the fact that he lives in Lamia, he has a personal home studio, with drums and sound engineering expertise), and so it happened.

Here is a digital EP with the title "Shrouds" and our aim of releasing it is to be able to raise some funds to be donated for the caring (medicines,foods etc) of the millions of injured animals in Australia.

Here you can listen to it and buy the EP pressing the "Name Your Price" button and decide yourselves the amount of money that you wish to donate.

Where will the amount of money be donated?
With the phenomenon of Brain Drain that we are experiencing here in Greece the last 10+ years, we have a lot of old Friends of ours that are now permanently living in Australia and have a huge ecological consciousness.

We don't aim or have the need to show how much of a good Samaritans we are, or anything like that.
We just play by our own Rules towards anything that we feel holds any kind of value and importance for us!
We have learned to talk through our Music!
That is how it has always been and how it will always be!

We are Misanthropists towards anything and everything that aims to turn mankind into a potential piece of trash, a factory of potential decline of its own "Being" and of the lives of all living beings in this Planet.
We are utterly Nihilists towards the -society- that man built just so that he can feed his forever-hungry greed.
We will always be the "wrong" in your fucking "right",
We will always be the Filth in your shiny, phony temple of material goods that you worship everyday!

"Shrouds" is dedicated to the memory of all these innocent animals, whose sound of pain, massively out-echoes even billions of soul-ripping screams.

Recording Line Up-
X. - Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
I. - Drums
23 - Bass, Piano

*Special Thanks to Moornebheym for the Help with the Artwork


22/02/2020 , Volos, Greece

13/03/2020 , Budapest, Hungary

14/03/2020 , Osijek, Croatia


On 22/12 I took the decision of isolating myself completely in a room-tumulus and dedicating myself solely into finishing the Lyrics of our upcoming full-length..
There were a lot that I wanted to drag down, into my own private hell and give their shapeless being a physical manifestation.. 

I gathered-what must have been-the biggest volume of my writing expression ever
After going through many words(and people), personal battles, physical and emotional pain, abuse and bizarre loneliness(the kind that one can only experience when they are among people, just because their own, personal hell doesn’t close its gates just because it is fed a bunch of worthless materialistic bullshit), derived from recordings of small, seemingly insignificant moments that have transcended into the sphere of nostalgia and from the legacy of a mud-filled darkness that is overflowed by the lost and battered souls of the circulating “no-one”s, the pathetic morons of their own worthless existence.

85% of the Lyrics are in Greek…
It was one of these times when the immediacy of my mother tongue could so easily and utterly reach the peak of absolute madness. 
And I am at a moment in time, when I can begin the countdown of these experiences taking a physical form, shattering every single lung that aims to spit out these lyrics of Nihilism-proclaiming, anger-fueled feelings.

..these are the heirlooms of someone who gave up on the ambition for a “better World” long time ago

Also, soon, a Special Release that would be celebrating the 8 long years that we have been a painful, inescapable Thorn in your “normality” will become reality.

Lastly, save these dates:


Nothing else left, but for us to reassemble our broken pieces and reawaken the beast that feasts on our soul while feeding our inspiration and every inch of our inner existence. 

So, from this day onwards "Human Serpent" are ready to perform live! 


Those interested can contact us at humanserpent@hotmail.com

*the photo was taken in a place, high above Lamia,Central Greece in the early days of December 2019. 
The same place that, a few years ago, the last experiences for the birth of "For I, The Misanthropist" were written. 

**Special thanks to the guys from 
Isolert, Sørgelig , Warhammer and Delayed Youth that sacrificed a lot and put so much into making this happen. 
We are honored to have you aboard!

The Live Line-up is:

X. - Vocals
Reactive - Guitar 
H. - Guitar 
23 - Bass 
I. - Drums


We felt like creating a Facebook page as an additional way for those who didn't see, hear and missed out on the band's updates to more easily keep up with everything that we are up to.


The T-Shirts and the Hoodies arrived today and have turned out Amazing.

Tomorrow the Shipping of the Orders will begin.

Once Again would like to apologize for the delay and THANK everyone for the Support and Patience.


''The Vacuity'' Is Finally Out

 Lay Down Your Souls


Firstly, we would really like to thank everyone for their active support once again!
We would like to inform everyone that due to the very large demand and pre-orders the factory that is to print the t-shirts and hoodies, informed us that a couple of extra days are required in order for everything to be finished. 

That means that a small delay of 7-9 days will be necessary in order for everything to be sent.

 We would like to once again thank everyone for their support and apologize for the delay,
but be sure that everything will arrive to their recipients in perfect order.


Here are some interviews by us

 The Gallery Webzine, October 2019 (In Greek)
Pest Webzine (in English)
Blutrache Black Metal Webzine, Autumn 2019 #18 (In English)
The whole issue 

Human Serpent in the Pages 30-31 

Slowly We Rot Magazine issue#12


Be advised that there are only 19 copies of our upcoming EP « The Vacuity » left!
Also, it is the Last Week to pre-order the New Design T-Shirt and the re-printable Hoodie of 
''For I, The Misanthropist''.

You can have another taste of the upcoming EP



These particular tracks were originally created for a side project that I had in mind, back in the strange days of 2016, after the completion of the recording sessions of "For I, The Misanthropist"..
These tracks were stored in a drawer and left in the dust of time...
But during the last days of 2018 and while I was facing a personal hurricane of feelings which started to spiral out of control and become very self destructive, I decided to channel it into creating something. This is when I searched for these, once forgotten, creations and after some minor readjustments with the feelings that we wanted portraited we forged the path in which they can meet the ravenous demon of "Human Serpent".

This is our first release in which almost every part was recorded in a different place in Greece.
Every and each part have a story of their own that helped carve "The Vacuity" which thrived inside of me those days.
As far as the music is concerned I can say with certainty that "The Vacuity" is closer to the earliest of our releases.
This is exactly what both of us wanted from the very first time.
Something raw and claustrophobic, somethings that won't remind of the present but something that clothes with the shroud of decay our every nostalgic thoughts that lurk behind our every moment of our lives.

The release of this EP is completely DIY and in limited copies in cross-styled cassette tape card boxes with full colour printing on the outside, with inner fold-out panels that come with a patch.

From today you can place your pre-orders for our upcoming EP ''The Vacuity''

As well as pre-order a new T-shirt design or a reprint of the hoodie ''For I,The Misanthropist''(until 11/11) or other restock stuff

We Are Everything That Falls Apart In You


So here is the cover art of our upcoming EP ''The Vacuity"

More details will follow soon...


We announce that we are no longer part of Ogmios Underground, we thank them very much for everything they have done for the band from 2016 and on, but after various circumstances that took place during the last few months we decided that we have to follow different paths. 
Maybe we will work together again in the future , maybe not. Who knows?

Personally, I struggled a lot, concerning myself with labels all these years because I dedicated too much time and personal effort while not having the 100% of the result that I and we wanted.

I will not search for another label in the near future.
If any label is interested in our music they can contact us.
If not, we are going to release new stuff whenever we have the money to do so. 
If we don't have the money we won't release anything.

From the beginning of Human Serpent we faced a lot of problems until our releases came to life.
The good think that came out of this is that the band managed to stand by itself.

For all these reasons, we decided that the release of the EP we have announced in a previous post will be done in a DIY way this autumn.

''Nothing was given to us for granted...Nothing.
...Then yes, pain takes whatever form it wishes...And then yes, at that moment you are on your own...completely on your own...''

X's notes.December.2017



After two weeks of total isolation with no part of this religious sickness and with no technological ways of ''communication'' by choise , I brought myself in his most unknown and dangerous levels of my existence.
I gathered every sign of pain and rage that there was inside me and with 90+ recordings/ideas from a personal archive which I had kept for two years or more now... 
After endless hours with the guitar and a lot of writing on compositions and various lyrics, 

I have 10 new Human Serpent tracks.

At the end of the month, we will start with the pre-production for our most extreme album ever, 
the most self-destructive and the most nihilistic,
 the most Human Serpent album of the most soul destroying era of my fucking life.

Also, we are currently waiting for the mastering of some tracks that were written back in the dark days of 2016 and were recorded in the past winter... 
These will be released as an EP in 2 slimy but very special editions until the end of the year.


February's issue of Greek Metal Hammer.
It contains a tribute with the most important black metal albums of Greece.


A New Shit with X. on Vocals



The Vinyl format of ''For I,The Misanthropist'' is nearly SOLD OUT!
We will have on our possession the last remaining copies as soon as we get the vinyl format of our first 2 full-lengths.


This year, I experience all the famous stages of grief. 
It starts to become very self destructive,
so I decide to channel it into creating something...

''There is no God but the one that dies with me.
I have no life but the one I take with me to the grave.
We come into this world alone.
And we will die on our own.''

CELTIC FROST.Monotheist.2006


Coming From The Dark Past

Pre-Orders Are Open via Ogmios Underground

 ''The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism''  HERE

''Inhumane Minimalism'' HERE


I gave an oath to my personal Demons from my private Hell.
Human Serpent will not find peace in my head because i have no peace in my head.

Human Serpent have no limits , because i have no limits

I have Soul 
Human Serpent is my Soul

I hate this life where the average chose to "live" 
I don't want to be a part of your Societies (of every kind).
I am not a living person who lives as an animal in a cage 

I am not part of you...and i will never be..

Till the next Journey...

*Some memories from the last days of "For I, The Misanthropist" recording era in our place (rip) , "Kissing The Beast " Studio 
 Lamia , central Greece back in 2016


"The Misanthropist" T-shirts, to be released in June  10th, 2018 

Contact: humanserpent@hotmail.com


Coming From The Dark Past



The Scum Is Awaken 

  "For I, The Misanthropist" Is Finally Out

Lay Down Your Souls


When we started the recording sessions for "For I, The Misanthropist" (some time during the Autumn of 2015) must have been the only time that i truly didn't know why i chose that specific placement for yhat guitar riff or why i chose the exact word or phrasing that resullted in this Human Serpent full-length, in its entirety. Maybe it was the first time that i didn't know why i chose to compose music... Why i chose this specific cover art... Or why I, in the end , chose the specific color...Up until the time this full-length was completed we faced countless adversities , both functional and personal ones... 
Everything during it's recording sessions was an ordeal , but we stoud our ground , we insisted , we persisted.. 
The only thing that i was 100% sure of , since day one , was the title of this full-length  (and the titles of it's track. My life was quite strange in the way that, when i hit rock bottom i had but two options, become stronger or stay dead inside, a lifeless shell. 
The last day, the day i left the town in which  grew up, was the day that i got to hold the CD release in my hands... When i touched it, when i hold it, when i got to listen to it, in a car full of my stuff... 
That was the only time i broke down, the only time in many many years. 
In that moment everything became very clear to me.. 
I completely understood why i chose that specific placement for that guitar riff , why we chose that specific cover art, why i chose that exact word and phrasing , why everything stood where it did! 
A verification for the title of the album... 
The album was titled " For I, The Misanthropist" because it referred to us , it described us, it was us... It was and still is a personal battle with all the materialistic aspects of life, a fight against our very own soul so that we can do that which we love , create music. 
I wanted it to stand proud against all your worthless shit , against all your fucking ideologies, against all the foulness that is your existence. 
I wanted it to stand proud against all your pettiness, against all your tendencies to defrade others so that you can make yourselves feel special. 
All these futile tries to make yourself feel special only highlight the fact that you are nothing, that you can't stand the fact that you know that you worth absolutely nothing . 
All you are is a facade of emptiness . 
The average privileged ones are a bunch of fascist cannibals that all they aim to do , is feel special while all they are is a lump of fucking idiots. 
These same fucking idiots tomorrow will happily go to work in the slave pit that they call "job" these same fucking idiots will gladly whore themselves outto every aspect of capitalism just to further saturate their endless vainness. 
" For I, The Misanthropist" will spit on your faces while you stand next in line to meet every "need" that derives from your place in these rotten social casts and ideologies. 
So,this is also an answer to those who keep wondering why we, in the past, have performed live in support of people that their fucking fate brought them down as hard as it gets and deprived them of every nugget of dignity. 
I, personally, happened to have to live in the streets this past summer and i experienced 
FIRST-HAND the horror that is to be homeless , even for a few days. We don't give a single fuck about what you think, or what you have to say, we would do it again and again if given the chance. 
"The Scars of Millions" is dedicated to those whipped by  life in the worst possible way but still , they managed to pull themselves out of the pile of shit, they grew stronger and stronger in a place tha reeks of decay.. Reeks more and more. 
We are nihilists , opposed to everything that causes earth to lose its glamor just because some more people want to fill their lives with carious convenience while sacrificing the lives of others.  
Never forget that there is a fine little line between being high and mighty and absolute and utter nothingness! Nothing was given to us for granted. 
Then yes, pain takes whatever form it wishes.. 
And then , yes, At the moment you are on your own..Completely on your own! 

We are Human Serpent Motherfuckers And We Vomit On Your Graves Of Your Pathetic Reality 

Pre-Orders for the upcoming full-length "For I, The Misanthropist" available here




The Collaboration will be released in Tape Format by the new underground label 
Death Kvlt Productions. 
The release will be limited to 100 handnumbered Tapes (20 pieces in Die Hard Edition)

PRE-ORDER here  

"Everything Dies" will be uploaded in it's entirety in Digital Form on my birthdate,
December 2nd. 
The tape version will be out January 2018 


 Just got this photo from one of our biggest fans and supporters, 
called Wyatt Monte (He runs Wyattxhim youtube channel ) from U.S.A! 

Thanks for the total dedication and support!


Human Serpent t-shirts and hoodies , to be released in Mid December 2017

Contact: humanserpent@hotmail.com


Spread The Vomit Of Nihilism In Your Miserable Lifes 

Preorders are now open for LP/CD and MC 



In Conspiracy With The Destruction Of Everything

This time i chose not to speak for al of us, but to show you my own point of view , contradictory to what i choose to do  when dealing with my own band. There hace been many times and numerous hours in my life that would be categorized as "decaying" and their difficulty level hs set to "hard" , however during those times i simply had to participate and engage in activities considered "everyday" and "normal" by the average person. Maybe this is the year that our psychosomatic existance formats itself until it gets back on track and moves forward. Because that't life. We tend to believe that "everything is "eternal" and therefore our "property" but essentially we forget that nothing is ever ours for granted. After some rearrangements in my personal life, a feeling , which would more accurately be described as a need, to perform music that is rooted in the depths of my soul , but will also speak to it and about what lies in it, was born. After 35+ hours of recordings with Nick S. in Isolert's personal Home Studio , with the great support and understanding of the flellow members of both bands (Human Serpent and Isolert) , a song was written,  which is unlike anything else we've ever done as musicians. It is a 20 minute piece of shit and it is the most soul breaking and heart raping track i could ever be involved in and i am honored to have left my own imprint in it.  The ultimate goal was for it to speak to annd about all those psychosomatic instabilities one can have in one's life; to remind us  the reasons we are here and that we are all a piece of soil that cannot just be reformed and reshaped in case it is corrupted. This track is called "Everything Dies" and it is a COLLABORATION release with Human Serpent and Isolert. We dicided to publish it on my Birth Date- December 2nd, 2017 (once again, i would like to thank our band mates for granting my request and being understanding ) in Digital form for the time being , and maybe in physical copies, some time in 2018.

The "Everything Dies" Recording Line-Up is: 

X: (Human Serpent) -Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics 
Nick S.( Isolert) - Vocals,Drums, Ambient Choirs 

**Photo was taken in Isolert's Home Studio after a night full of smokes , alcohol and insomnia





The Eternal Loyalty to Misanthropy" 2017

 tape special edition is now available

  Coming in Ziplock Bags + Nature Vomit + Icons of Human Despair 




                      Coming in January 2017 by "Liver Damage Productions"!                                 





                                            Support the Underground









"Conscious Self -Destruction of The New World"

will be out via Hungarian Funeral Chants Productions (Tape)

 and Hellenic Celtic Fog Productions (CD)

 Release Date - April 2016



                                                    Nicosia, Cyprus


                                             Support the Underground



Inhumane Minimalism in "Top Albums of 2015"

-Wolf's Lair Top 15 - 2nd

- Wyattxhim's Top 30 - 5th 

- The Metal Observer Shawn's Top 30 - 8th

-RateYourMusic JBT's Top 25 - 7th

- Merciless Onslaught's Top 30 - 16th

-The Blackplanet's top 20 - 15th

-Lightfox177's Top 100 - 61th

- Arsoncafe's Top 10- 6th



....And don't forget to rock n' roll 



Autumn 2015



Human Serpent - Inhumane Minimalism Tape is Out via Funeral Chants Productions 

Order your Copy Here : funeralchants@gmail.com

*Special Edition comes with Patch





Pre -Orders for "Human Serpent- Inhumane Minimalism " starts just now!  




 Nihilism Upon Mankind Balkan Tour 2015 Summary

We would like to thank everyone for supporting Human Serpent in Balkans, no matter the way it has been done.. Special Thanks to Belgarath and our Brother Stephan Shopov and George Kokkinos and thank all the Greeks who choose to travel from far enough to come in some of our live gigs.

  Support the Underground and the Great Nihilism



Special Thanks to Nikos Lianidis For The Creation Of  Flyers



"Inhumane Minimalism" Updates:

  • 500 Digipack by Self Mutilation Services ( Release Date 25th of June)
  • 500 Cd Jewel Cases by Nebular Winter Productions (Release Date 1st of July)
  • 200 pro Tapes by Funeral Chants Productions ( Release Date 25th of June)
  • Limited T-shirts by Nebular Winter Productions (Release Date 1st of July)

                         "Nihilism Upon Mankind Balkan Tour 2015 " Update : 

                  V. takes place as a Session Member Bassist of Human Serpent

                                                 Fuck You All !



Nihilism Upon Mankind Balkan Tour 2015




Human Serpent are proud to announce the upcoming release of their 2nd Full- legth album entitled  "Inhumane Minimalism"

-It will be released limited to 500 Digipack by Self Mutilation Services and Nebular Winter Productions200 Pro Tapes By Funeral chants Productions.

-- Release dates America: 25th of June , Europe: 1st of July
                   -- Tape Release Date: 25th of June

cover by Mario Polzin -Moornebheym 

Support the Underground and beat the pathetics



Human Serpent Photo Session 2015. 

The Second Full Album will be entitled as "Inhumane Minimalism"

News Coming Soon



So here is the font cover artwork of our upcoming split with the new blood of the underground plague Human Parasites. The Split is going to be unleashed on Tape by Mercyful Hell Productions



Anti- Human Propaganda Tour 2014 Summary

With our first tour completed, we would like to emphasize that w are extremely lucky for the fact that we could leave the borders of a country that tends to work primarily with the logique of "clique" and share our music, our soul and our emotions in a more open-minded audience than that of the common Greek Metalhead.We would also like to thank all the bands with whom we shared the stage either in Greece or abroad. Thank you for the endless moment of laughter, drinking,smoking and overal fun.We would like to thank everyone for supporting Human Serpent, no matter the way it has been done, to thank all those of you who chose to come in some of our live gigs and particularly, those of you who even though you did not know us you gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you through our music. A special thank you to those who honoured all the band inn each live gig and did not leave as soon as they saw the band whom they knew or were friends with, something that happens too often in Greece, because for some people here the words "respect" and "toil" are unknown and meaningless. Finally, we would also like to thank L. for his vital contribution during the last nine months. Without him no concert would have taken place.

News concerning the release of our second album will be announced soon.



 The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism Re- released on Digi Pack by Deathknell Productions on 25/11/2014



Anti- Human Propaganda Tour 2014

 The sound of holocaust begins





Invitations..Only for the selected few. Lamia 1/11/2014 first gig of the 

Anti- Human Propaganda Tour 2014.

The Beggining Of The End......Us and Them....Coming Soon

Support The Underground And Destroy The Masses



Anti- Human Propaganda Tour 2014

For Promotion of 

"The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism"

Days and supporters Update



There is a mistake in the order of the three last tracks in the Digipack format, released by "Death Knell Productions".

The mistake is the following: Track 6 : Instead of "The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism", "Chapel of Bones" is heard. Track 7: Instead of "All Return To Nothing", "The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism" is heard. Track 8: Instead of  "Chapel Of Bones", ''All Return To Nothing'' is heard. 

There is no mistake in the tape version of this full- leght album. 

Here is the link of our bandcamp with the correct order of the tracks.




Anti-Human Propaganda Tour 2014

For Promotion Of 

"The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism"

And Remember Pathetics... The First Cut Is The Deepest..so Fuck Off





Normal and Special Edition  Tapes Is Out Via Nebular Winter Productions And Funeral Chants Productions

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies 
First 50 copies comes in Special Edition with hand- made artwork " emblem of band" engraved on cassette case &sticker





What matters is your desire to win the extra existence of yourself . We all have such desires . What really matters is your resolve to work hard to fulfill your desire to breathe when others just staring at awe or from poor . Perhaps the most strange experience I had between people ... again maybe pride is the combination of tolerance for many years , the initiative is to get up one more time than you fall .. In massive efforts even the '' failure '' is subconsciously glorious.

* Staff Thanks to Hell Poemer and Twilight, to Swtiris of Darkthule / Varg Order and the guy with the Morbosidad's T-Shirt ( I do not remember his name )

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Time Is Upon Us

First Gig In Ioannina 31/5/2014

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Human Serpent are proud to announce the upcoming release of their debut album in

- cd format by Death Knell Productions
- Tape format by Funeral Chants Productions and Nebular Winter Productions

The album will be entitled as
 "The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism"
Recorded at Kissing the Beast Studio, Greece
Mixed and Mastered by K.Filip at F&A Studio , Poland
 Cover art by Mario Polzin

More News and Release Date Coming Soon

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    Human Serpent , Photo- Session 2014

For the Upcoming Debut Album 

"The Gradual Immersion In Nihilism"

* More News Very Soon

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(Studio Report Part 2)

We have completed the recordings of our upcoming full length album. The album will constists of 8 songs that were  recorded  at Kissing The Beast Studio, Greece The album will be released this summer by Death Knell Productions (Russia) a Cd In Digipack Case with 8 Page Booklet with Funeral Chants Prods(Hunggary)- Nebular Winter Prods (Greece) to Co-release a Tape.. We are really exhausted, but also very proud from the result. 

Stay Tuned for More News

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- http://underthesignofmetal.blogspot.gr/2013/10/human-serpent-eternal-loyalty-to.html  9/10(In Greek)

- http://occultblackmetalzine.blogspot.gr/2013/10/human-serpentthe-eternal-loyalty-to.html  (In English)

- http://hellasbm.blogspot.gr/2013/11/review-human-serpent-eternal-loyalty-to.html (In Greek)

-  http://thelairofstorfeth.blogspot.gr/2013/12/human-serpent-eternal-loyalty-to.html (In English)

http://www.behindtheveil.hostingsiteforfree.com/index.php/reviews/demos/1692-human-serpent--the-eternal-loyalty-to-misanthropy (In Greek)  


(Studio Report Part 1)

We would like to inform you that we have been recording for 3 days straight..

The Drum parts have been recorded successfully as well as the Rythmic Guitar parts..

The Leads parts,Bass and Vocals Remain..

we most certainly think that the result will be more that satisfying, 

It would be really hateful and primitive

Black Metal is not a trend its a Cult
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"Spiritual Flesh Around The Circles Of Inexistence"
6-Way Split

Is Out by Abyssic Black Cult Records

Tapes Ordered From Human Serpent Will Be Marked With Blood

Black Metal Against Modern World, Against You
Fuck You All!!



Interview At Occult Black Metal Zine : 



 Interview At OUnder The Sign Of Metal (In Greek) 




''The Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy'' promotional demo will be re-released by Infernal Kommando Records from France.. (http://infernalkommando.blogspot.fr/p/releases.html?zx=a4ac809d46d5eadf) it will be a Tape (pro black tape) limited to 200 Copies with color printed artwork (3 Panels / 1 Side) .... Support The Pure Blasphemy And The Underground and the Rest Of You (you know who you are) Fuck Off


Human Serpent are glad to announce that we are under the veil of Death Knell Productions from Russia ( http://deathknellprod.com/ )....Our Debut Full-Length will be released in The Middle of 2014 (8 tracks on CD in Digipack Case, comes with 8-page booklet )More News For This Nihilistic Grimness Soon...Support The Pure Blasphemy And The Underground And The Rest of You (You Know who you Are) Head up your ass and Fuck Off pathetic bastards!!!!!!


Time Is Upon Us.....

On friday,we will begin the rehearsals for the band's debut album.This time with the help of D.as a bass player in order to record 8 monolithic raw primitive black metal tracks.We are also very close in cooperation  with a very well-known record company and soon we will announce further operational details.

 6 way split with: Funeral Storm, Human Serpent,Magorun,Silent Dominion, Thaer Os Valael, Varg Order by Abbysic Black Cult Records out soon on Limited RED TAPE format...Be Prepared!

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Released:23/9/2013 -Contact: humaserpent@hotmail.com 
Damage: 3 Euros


      Demo:     Τhe Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy

i.Mass Graves For Mankind
ii.Whores Of The Coming Plague 

 T-shirts Of the Band Soon Available...

Contact: humanserpent@hotmail.com